Business Intelligenece (BI)

Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

Your company has been operating for years and you have collected valuable data about your market, your competitors, your customers and your product or service. Somewhere in this vast amount of data is your competitive edge. Unfortunately, you may not know quite what it is. At BlueSun Technologies, we have perfected the art of data extraction on the Microsoft BI platform using familiar products such as Excel, SQL Server and SharePoint. We believe in the four-step data extraction process:

1. Identifying your data mine by collecting similar, different, related and unrelated data.

2. Churning the data into information using correlation index, correlation coefficient and market implied correlation index.

3. Translating the extracted information to business languages using key performance index and historic market trends.

4. Building Key Decision matrices using data analytics, market analysis and predictive analytics.

With us on your side, you will get no more conjectures but rather persuasive business-intelligent recommendations. Contact us and ask to speak to one of our BI experts. Don’t just outperform your competitors-- outsmart them as well.